The project "Recyclable Catalysts for Sustainable Polymers from Carbon dioxide and Bio-based Epoxides" (ReCat4Polymer) is a 4-year research project at the Department of Chemistry, University of Bergen. The project is funded by the Trond Mohn Research Foundation and the University of Bergen. The aim of the project is to develop efficient and fully recyclable catalysts for the sustainable production of modern materials without the use of fossil raw materials. Catalysts, which increase the speed of a chemical reaction without themselves being used up, are essential to modern society as they enable the sustainable production of materials on which we depend. The project focuses specifically on the development of recyclable catalysts for the production of sustainable polymers, where CO2 and bio-based epoxides will be used as raw materials. This will be an important contribution to the UN's 12th sustainability goal; "Responsible consumption and production". The key to obtaining suitable and recyclable catalysts lies in introducing polyoxometalates (POMs). POMs are a special class of inorganic compounds that are one of Rosnes' specialties from her PhD.

Project Leader

Mali Husby Rosnes, associate professor at the Department of Chemistry, UiB. My research expertise is in the field of organic–inorganic synthesis and characterisation, more specifically the class of materials known as polyoxometalates (POMs). I am particularly attracted to the possibility of designing and synthesising advanced complexes with pre-defined, desired catalytic properties.

Team members and Contact

The ReCat4Polymer team will include two PhD-candidates, and one researcher, in addition to available MSc- and BSc-projects. More information to follow. If you are interested in working with us, or want to get in touch, please write to Mali.Rosnes@uib.no or visit us at Allégaten 41, Realfagbygget, 5007 Bergen, Rom 2039. Follow us on Twitter @MaliRosnes.


International collaborators include Prof. Carsten Streb from Ulm University, and Lecturer Laia Vila-Nadal from the University of Glasgow. ReCat4Polymer has several local collaborations at the Department of Chemistry, and is part of the thematic research group "Sustainable Energy Carriers, Chemicals, and Materials"


ReCat4Polymer is funded as a 4-year Starting Grant Project by the Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) and the University of Bergen (UiB). Project start date is August 1st, 2022.